The "Yanqi Superconducting Youth Forum" conference was prepared by the youth team of "Atmospheric Pressure and Room-Temperature Superconducting Physics and Materials" in the field of stable basic research supported by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the second Exchange Meeting of Superconducting Young Scholars (YSSS2023) (the first sponsored by the State Key Laboratory of Superconductivity, the second sponsored by the Key Laboratory of Strongly Coupled Quantum Materials and Physics).The two activities were combined to provide a platform for young scholars working in the field of superconductivity to strengthen cooperation, exchange ideas, and discuss the main problems and technical paths which need to be solved first for basic theoretical breakthroughs and subversive applications from atmospheric pressure and high temperature to atmospheric pressure and room temperature superconductivity. More than 100 young Chinese scholars from home and abroad will present their research features, report their latest work, and jointly look forward to the future of the superconducting field!